Q: Can one person easily operate your system?
A: Yes, with our system there is no chains or dangling parts, it is very easy to operate with one person. The Model W (manual system) uses an auger style crank handle, very easy to operate even with your larger background needs. The Model MW (motorized) has a 15Ft standard cord on the control box, so you can move around while changing backgrounds. Q:  Does your system work with paper or canvas? A: Rolleasy can easily work with either paper or canvas. You can get your paper on 2 1/2" core and simply right over the Aluminum roller. Canvas or muslin can be tapped right to the roller with gaffers or duct tape.

Q: I just use 9' paper. Is there something easy to use with your system?
A: Yes, paper and rollers. Using a rubber hammer or a block of wood, tap on the ends of the roller insert. Then install on the Rolleasy unit in the usual manner. The end rollers work with 2 1/8" diameter core.

Q: How many rollers does the system hold?
A: Ceiling bracket holds up to 4 full size (greater than 3 1/2" in diameter) or 7 compact (less than 3 1/2" in diameter) backgrounds.
Wall bracket holds up to 3 full size of 5 compact backgrounds.

Q: Can I start with 2 rollers and expand in the future?
A: Yes, supplementary units are available and can be ordered at any time and quickly installed on the bracket to increase number of rollers on the unit to the maximum capacity.

Q: Can I get a system with over 4 full size rollers?
A: Yes, you would just need 2 sets of ceiling brackets.

Q: Is there anything to maintain on your system?
A: No, the motors on The Model MW are maintenance free. Motors do occasionally weep very small amounts of lubricant. Wipe motor casing off if required.

Q: My motors don't work.
A: Plug Model MW into any grounded 115 volt receptacle. Be sure each motor is properly plugged into control box (plugs will only go in one way). If plug will not insert, turn it 180 degrees and try again.

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